ESA Consultant  is a multifaceted Organization providing solutions on consultancy & certification to various disciples in Quality, Health Safety and Environment, Food Safety, Information Security etc; Our various industrial expertise with strong exposures in the field of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, Food Safety, Information Securityetc; has supported many organizations in various countries since 1997. QHSE Solutions ever since its inception has been instrumental in implementing QHSE Systems to many of the business establishments.

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Assessment is a broad and rapidly growing field, with a strong theoretical and empirical base. Esa Consultant providing many Assessment such as : Risk Assessment, Supply Chain Management, Fire Risk Assessment, Maturity of Quality Management System Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Workplace Self Assessment, Safety Audit, etc


Esa Consultant merupakan sebuah lembaga konsultasi yang dengan senang hati akan membatu client untuk dapat membangun sebuah sistem yang disesuaikan dengan budaya perusahaan dan mampu untuk menerapkan sistem tersebut. Tim konsultan kami adalah konsultan yang telah berpengalaman di bidangnya masing - masing dan mampu mendampingi perusahaan anda dalam membangun sistem.`


A competent training policy is a fundamental issue for all business establishments. ESA Consultant proves to be one of the leading training organizations in this segment. QHSE Solutions provides training programmes in Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems.